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The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass || May 5th 2015

Holy carp, that’s two days after I graduate from college, I’m not okay omg


Ok, Selectioners! My final and biggest announcement of the day!

Paolo Sebastian s/s 2015 couture

I’m not choosing him or you, I’m choosing me. - America Singer

↳ The Selection Meme:

  •  Locations (2/?)
The Palace
"I didn’t had a very good view coming up to the palace, but I noticed the wall. They were a very yellow stucco and very, very high. Guards were placed on top at either side of the wide gate that swung open as we approached. Inside we were greeted with a long gravel drive that circled a fountain and led to the front doors, where officials waited to welcome us.
With barely more than a hello, two women took me by the arms and ushered me inside.”