Is it safe to rejoin the selection fandom again, or should I come back later?



Carolina Herrera

that is a magical dress made out of the night sky and stars. no one can tell me differently


if any of you are actually sending the girl who posted her problems with the selection hate messages you need to stop immediately that is unacceptable 

I’m so distracted by their faces that I forget how close I am to the end of the aisle. As I turn forward … he’s there.

And then it seems as if no one else is here at all.

No cameras filming, no bulbs flashing. It’s just us. It’s just Maxon and me.

He’s wearing his crown, and the suit with the blue sash and the medals. What did I say the first time he wore it? Something about hanging him up with the chandeliers, I think…Maxon and I move close to each other as the ceremony starts.

“Hello, my dear,” he whispers.

“Don’t start,” I warn in return, and we’re both left smiling.

He holds my hands as if they’re the only things pinning him to the earth, and I focus on that as I prepare myself for the words coming, the promises I’ll never break. It’s magical, really, the power this day has.

Q: I've been in The selection fandom for a long time, I've been on tumblr following TS accounts for months and yet I just found out that we had actual footage of TS 2.0... Which btw disturbed me to no end. lol -nextweeks-lastweek

It’s Michael Malarkey’s experience/resume/cv/whatever you want to call it to show his abilities as an actor. That footage keeps me up at night sometimes. I s2g the only reason the CW hired Michael Malarkey as Enzo on The Vampire Diaries and Yael Grobglas as Lady Olivia on Reign was because they felt sorry for them because The Selection didn’t get picked up and they were already found actors with nothing on their plate for the 2013-14 TV schedule.