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The trailer for The One is here!

↳ The Selection Meme:
  •  Dream cast (6/?)
Liam Neeson as Shalom Singer/America’s dad

 “You’ve always been beautiful; you’ve always been talented. And now I know that your Moral compass is perfectly aligned, that you see clearly when things are wrong, and You do everything you can to Stop it. As a father, I can’t ask for more. I love you, America. And I’m so, so proud.” 

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sooooo I have a date tomorrow??????

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my life is 99% taylor swift

april fools

my life is 100% taylor swift

Like elite 8… the elite… two things relevant to my life right now, coincidence I think not. Go UD!!!!!!

My school just made the elite eight for March Madness, please explain how anything else is relevant right now.